Design 101: Hutch Cabinet Rescues a Small Reach-In!

Does your home have large reach-in closets?  Not everyone does! Older homes, built during a simpler time, often have reach-in closets 6 feet wide or less. Our goal, as always, is to organize and maximize space.  The question is how, when the closet is not that wide? The Closet Hutch Cabinet is the answer.  Often seen in larger walk-in closets, the Hutch Cabinet is an essential tool for maximizing small reach-in closet space. What can a Hutch Cabinet do?  Let’s talk about the possible configurations.

Closet Hutch Cabinet Configurations

The Hutch has two sections: a lower 19″ deep base and an upper 14″ deep section.

The base can accommodate 18″ deep drawers or 19″ deep shelves and the upper section 14″ deep shelves.  Also, the upper shelves could be angled with a shoe fence.

The photo below shows a hutch with base drawers and upper shoe shelves.

Closet Hutch Cabinet

Hutch in the Reach-In Closet

Since small reach-in closets are not that wide, it is essential to maximize the depth.  The hutch cabinet with it’s deep base does just that.  Standard shelves are 14″ deep, so the 18″ deep hutch base yields four extra inches of depth.  Those inches add up to the equivalent of several extra  shelves.

In the photo below, we see a 5 feet wide reach-in with an 18″ wide hutch centered on the back wall.  This hutch has a large lower drawer for sweats or pants; 2 medium size drawers, for folded garments ,like shirts or tees; and two small drawers for socks, lingerie, underwear, or velvet jewelry trays.  The light source is a motion activated LED light.

Closet Hutch Cabinet

The rod length is the same as before the renovation, but now the closet has additional storage space with drawers and shelving.

Notice that the toe trim board, at the bottom, has been left off for extra shoe storage space.

I hope this post has held you understand the how the Hutch Cabinet can fully utilize space in your reach-in closet.


Date 02/03/2016
Category Closet Design 101
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