Why Should I Hire You?

The essential question when hiring a custom closet contractor; my answer: would you rather deal with a “system” or an individual.

The difference is personal service.

With me, you got one on one service and personal accountability.  This means we will work together and stay in touch until the job is completed with pride.  That’s why time and again I hear “Rich, you made it easy”.

What does the competition offer?  It depends.  Here is a true story to give you an idea.

Last winter was horrendous.  Many homes were damaged by ice dams and flooding, including our vacation home.  We needed a lot of help and had to hire many trades to handle: water damage cleanup, demolition, insulation replacement, drywall, painting, carpet removal and installation, electrical rewiring, and plumbing and heating.  And while we were at it, we decided to replace some very old sliding doors.

We hired large companies including a National Home Improvement Store, small companies, and sole proprietors.    I watched how these companies and individuals treated us.  Here is what I saw.

National Home Improvement Store.  Placing the order was easy.  The sales people were very helpful. After the sale we were funneled into the unaccountable “system”.  Question?  Delivery late?  What’s the next step in the process?  Call the store for the customer service desk, wait on hold, explain the story and tell them the order number, get transferred to the department, wait on hold, finally get someone, retell the story and order number,  person who took the order is not around, etc., etc., etc.  You know many years ago I used a National Home Improvement Store, and forgot about the experience, it’s exactly the same as before: it’s impersonal, there are delays, and no one really cares because there isn’t any accountability.

Small Company.  The overall experience tended to be better.  The sales process was easy.  The materials arrived on time.  The work was subbed out.  What this meant was the sub contracted installation team, while they were good, was rushed and they did not complete the installation.  There were important details that needed to be done, that they did not do, so we were handed off to the “service department”.

Sole proprietor.  Now I am biased because I am a sole proprietor.  The tradesman did a good job.  The largest and quite common problem though was communication.  Sometimes they were hard to reach. However, it was great dealing with one person, they did a great job, and saw it through to the end.

After all of this do you see what I mean by personal service?  To me it means, if there is a question, or a problem you contact one person for the solution –me!  No 800 number call center, no waiting on hold, no need to explain the question to multiple people, no unanswered phone messages, and no promises to be there ending in a no show.

Your project will be done on time and on budget.  I do what I say I’m going to do, when I say I will do it, for the estimated price.  And if something does go wrong, let’s be honest sometimes something will go wrong, the problem will be resolved quickly and in your favor.  Why?  To me it’s all about accountability.  My work is a direct reflection of me, no one else is responsible, and in this day and age of instant communication, and online reviews; staying in touch and doing an excellent job is an absolute must.

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Date 07/19/2015
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